Friday, December 19, 2014

A  Festive Christmas Recipe:  CRAB  DIP


Through the years I have collected literally hundreds of recipes!  (Wonder how many I've actually used???)  I thought I would share
one that my younger brother requests every Christmas when we have our big family get-together.  I also just recently prepared it for my husband to take to our son's home for their HUMP NIGHT CROWD Christmas eating fest.  Every bit was eaten and two of the guys have requested that I send the recipe to their wives!  So here it is!  Easy-peasy and absolutely yummy-licious!  (Footnote:  thanks to my friend Vickie who gave me the recipe years ago.)

*8 oz. cream cheese, softened
*small can crab meat (not the lump kind; about the size of a tuna fish can; I buy the cheapest I can find)
*onion (amount depends on your taste; see my note below)
*Nature's Season (by Morton; found in the salt/spice section)
*bottled cocktail sauce

*We don't like a lot of onion so I only use about two slices chopped
very fine.

Place the crab meat in a strainer and mash, mash, mash until all liquid is squeezed out (it's amazing how much liquid there is!)

Mix together well the cream cheese, crab, & onion.  Add a couple shakes of salt & pepper and a few shakes of Nature's Season; be careful and don't over season! Mix well again.  Cover & let sit in refrigerator several hours or overnight to allow the flavors to blend.  When ready to serve, shape into ball and pour cocktail sauce over the top.  Serve with your favorite butter cracker (I like Townhouse).  I usually sit the cocktail sauce nearby so more can be added if needed.

This really is a great recipe.  Hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Where Does Time Go?

Has it really been over two years since I posted on my blog????  Time really does fly.  I have missed CHERI'S CHATTER but I was just burned out...I tend to take on too much at times:)  I hope to get back into my writing and sharing and one of my "goals" (I don't believe in resolutions) for 2015 is to post more as well as get back into reading my favorite blogs.  I'm sure I've lost the small audience I had gathered, but hopefully I can regain some of my old friends and make even more new ones.

I hope to make my blog more interesting but will also once again use it to share my grandmother experiences as well as other goings-on with family and friends.  After all, that's the main reason I started my "chatter" have a record of our life.  I hope you will follow me on my journey to rekindle my passion for writing and making memories.

Until next time....

Monday, April 23, 2012


It's Spring Break from school here this week and so the grandkids are here for babysitting servicesJ    As usual, they both wanted to do "some science."  I've posted about some science experiments we've tried here and here and here. 

Today we tried ELEPHANT  TOOTHPASTE.  We didn't have the right type of hydrogen peroxide…I only had the drugstore variety but for a really big effect you need 20% which can be purchased at a beauty supply store.  However, the experiment still worked on a smaller scale and both grands were happy with it as you can see….

Here is the "recipe":

16 oz. empty plastic soda bottle (narrow necks like Coca-Cola are best)

½ cup 20-volume hydrogen peroxide

a squirt of DAWN dish detergent

3-4 drops of food coloring

1 tsp. dry yeast dissolved in approximately 2 TBSP. very warm water

a funnel

a large pan with 2-inch sides

*safety glasses and lab smock are recommended (but we didn't have these; used aprons instead and there were no problems for us)

*Stand the bottle in the center of the pan.  Place funnel in bottle opening. 

*Measure the peroxide and add 3 to 4 drops of food coloring; pour this into the bottle.

*Squirt in just a little DAWN.

*Dissolve the yeast in warm water.  Pour into bottle and quickly remove funnel.  (The weaker peroxide does not react as fast so give it a minute.)

How does it work?  The addition of the yeast acts as a catalyst which makes the peroxide molecules release oxygen atoms…or something like that! 

This is a safe solution (using the drugstore brand) so the kids can "play" in it with their hands but certainly caution them not to taste it!  As always, my two wanted to "do more" so we made different colors and swished them all together.  All in all, it was another fun science adventure.  My hope is that I am encouraging them both to be interested in all the wonders of science and that they will always want to know more.

And then….we had another fun thing happen today….

This is our backyard pond.  We counted 8 babies and 4 adults.  They've been eating our grass all day.  Hope they leave some for my yard! 

Isn't Spring a grand time of year? 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This and That

I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to do all that I did when I was a young wife, mother, and teacher.  How in the world did I run a household, care for my children, have time for my husband, work full time as a teacher, run errands, buy groceries, teach summer Bible School and GAs at our church, and for two years work on obtaining my Master's Degree...among many other responsibilities?????  Just thinking about it makes me want to sit down and take a long rest!

I thought surely when we had our empty nest and I retired there would be time to sit back, relax, watch a little TV, and eat Bon-Bons.  Wow!  Was I wrong?  I am still working, although part-time (which sure doesn't always seem like "part" time), still taking care of a household and all that that entails, taking time for my husband, and now looking after grandkids.  But I'm grateful for I'd be miserable with nothing to do and the Bon-Bons would go straight to my….well, they would make me gain unneeded and unwanted weight!  Yes, I've been busy, busy, busy and so yet again have neglected my blog.  So here are just a few things I've been up to lately….


some of my best friends from high school (we call ourselves THE VALLEY GIRLS) and I recently spent a day in Macon, GA enjoying the beautiful cherry trees as well as many beautiful azaleas and historic homes.  We also visited an absolutely gorgeous and awe-inspiring Catholic church plus had our picture made with a camel!  We are a group with many interests…and we always have so much fun together.


it's been springtime here for awhile, or so it has seemed.  And, of course, with spring comes gardening and yard work.  Hubby and I spent this weekend working on a project that is still a work in progress.

As you can see, we have a ways to go.  We plan to sod some grass between the stepping stones and we're waiting for the sand to settle in between the octagonal stones under the fountain.  We also have another tree in our plans, so I'll have to post "completed" photos later.  I wish I had my grandmother's GREEN THUMB but the best I can do is stick it in the dirt and pray that it grows!  We love our big yard and enjoy sharing it with those who pass by.


keeping these two entertained is not always the easiest job that I have.  Recently one of my student teachers shared the idea of EDIBLE DIRT with me and so, of course, I had to try it with the grands.  The recipe:

          vanilla cookies (crumbled)
          chocolate cookies (crumbled)
          miniature marshmallows, M&Ms, a gummy worm
          1 clear cup

Place the marshmallows in bottom of cup; this is the "parent material".

Add the vanilla cookie crumbs; this is the subsoil.  Then add the chocolate crumbs; this is the topsoil.  Arrange the M&Ms on top to represent the organic matter in the soil.  Finally add the gummy worm; this is the decomposer.

We read a MAGIC SCHOOLBUS book to go with our project...and we also went outside and dug up earthworms and other creepy crawlies. 

 But the part they liked best was…eating the "dirt."

So…I realize that life is full and busy no matter which decade you're in.  And I hope it will continue to be that way as I work my way toward new adventures in the years to come.